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Production Process

How does a new chrysanthemum variety come to life? It's all about the art of selection. Every year, Deliflor plants around 400,000 seeds from new crosses. Only 10 of these make it to the final stage and are introduced to the market as commercial varieties. Only the best varieties with the most optimal cultivation characteristics make it to the finish line. It takes about 3 years on average for a new variety to be sufficiently tested before entering the market.

A Glimpse of History

Deliflor has been a cornerstone in the chrysanthemum world for 25 years. The company emerged from the merger of multiple businesses and has evolved into an innovative market leader with a global presence.


Deliflor's roots lie in the Netherlands. The head office is located in Maasdijk, right in the heart of Dutch horticulture. We serve our customers worldwide from multiple sales offices and production locations. CONTACT
Deliflor Americas Rionegro, Finca Manzanares, Lote B km 3, La Ceja, Antioquia +57 3227316256


Deliflor Americas | Since 2008, we have been operating a company in Colombia. In 2023, a brand-new company for Deliflor was built in Colombia. This serves large customers in Colombia, with a focus on the North American and Canadian markets. Deliflor Americas is ambitious in its sustainability ambitions and also focuses strongly on building relationships within and outside the company.


At Deliflor Chrysanthemums, it's our passion to contribute to the joy and vibrancy in people's lives, both now and for generations to come. Our dedication is deeply rooted in the development of high-quality chrysanthemum varieties and delivering plant material that fulfills this promise with brilliance.

Our mission is clear: Deliflor aims to provide growers worldwide with young plants that, thanks to high-quality genetics, offer optimal yield and added value to our customers. We develop our own genetics and collaborate closely with partners to fulfill this mission.

In everything we do, we embrace our core values: joy, colorful, reliable, innovative, and involved. Chrysanthemums are more than just flowers to us; they represent the joy of every moment in life and provide a rich color experience that connects generations.

Our vision is as powerful as it is comprehensive: the world needs crops, now and in the future, that contribute to improving our environment. High-quality plant material, cultivated by specialized companies, is required for the production of these crops. This promotes efficiency in energy and resource use. Thus, as producers of young plants, together with our dedicated employees, we contribute to responsible production.

At Deliflor Chrysanthemums, our mission and vision converge into a powerhouse that propels us in our commitment to spread joy and color in the world while contributing to a sustainable future for all generations. As engaged and reliable partners, we strive for innovation in everything we do. Discover the beauty of Deliflor Chrysanthemums and let's color the world together.

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At Deliflor, we embrace sustainability, rooted in the belief that our success goes hand in hand with the well-being of our world and its inhabitants.